Which double stroller to choose? Comparison of the best models and advice

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Which double stroller to choose? Comparison of the best models and advice

The birth of twins is an event that must be very well prepared. You have to think of everything, diapers, beds, clothes, car seats, games pack n play with changing table, not to mention the double stroller. The list is long! To help you, here is our favorite selection of double strollers. This list is based on their practicality, their accessories, their compatibility from birth, the opinions of the users, their price but also their size.

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Choosing a double stroller: what criteria should be taken into account?

Choosing a simple stroller can already be a headache for some parents. So to choose a double stroller for children of close ages or twins / twins, the questions can be many. Don’t panic, this choice may be much simpler than it seems. You just need to be a little methodical. How? ‘Or’ What? First of all, tell yourself that there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” stroller. You just have to find the model that suits you and best fits your daily life.

To help you select the best stroller for you and your two children, there are certain questions to be answered, certain criteria which will allow you to target the perfect model for you. 

Also, when making your choice, consider the following:

  • The age of your children: how many months apart are they? Do they need a cozy or a “classic” seat?;
  • The desired comfort: carrycots for newborns or padded seats? ;
  • Where you live: three wheels for the city, or four “all terrain” large wheels for the countryside? How wide to fit in the elevator of your building? ;
  • The folding system: it must be simple because it is a maneuver that you will perform frequently. The stroller, once folded, must be able to fit in your car and not be too bulky in your home;
  • Maneuverability: rather handlebars to be able to push without too much effort or handles to hang bags on it and not have to bend down? Also pay attention to the weight of the stroller and its braking system;
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  • Accessories: changing bag, large hoods, rain cover, etc.;
  • The budget: a criterion which is obviously important.

What are the different types of double strollers?

After targeting the criteria that suit you, there is one important step: choosing the type of double stroller for your two close-aged children. Several solutions, each with its advantages and disadvantages, are available to you.

The double stroller in line

The double in-line stroller comes in the form of two seats located one behind the other. The main advantage of this model is that its width remains that of a standard stroller, one place, the space being done along the length. It is therefore very easy to move around with it, especially in town, on sidewalks, or in supermarkets, and to be able to sneak around. The youngest will be able to sleep in the shelter, at the back of the stroller, while the older one will enjoy the ride, at the front. There are models to put the two seats face to face, so that children can interact.

The double cane stroller

This model of strollers has two major advantages, far from being negligible when you are parents of small children:

  • Like all cane strollers, the model remains lighter than other types of double strollers;
  • Easily foldable and compact, you can easily store it at home, or in your car, in a minimum of time.

The double cane stroller is part of the side-by-side stroller category. Only slight drawback, especially if you live in the countryside, its wheels are not particularly suitable for all terrains. On the other hand, it is very practical in town and for traveling.