The Top 5 At-Home Beauty Device Systems
of 2017

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The Top 5 At-Home Beauty Device Systems
of 2017

Nu Skin is a leading beauty and wellness company face lifting tools, and the company recently announced that it
has ranked as the top at-home beauty device system in the world for 2017. According to a
recent study by Euromonitor International Ltd., the world’s largest skin care market research
company, Nu Skin is the top at-home beauty device system brand in 2017.

IRIS device
The IRIS beauty device simulates manual massage through its light tapping motions. It prevents
the onset of signs of aging by combining these with delicate pulsations. You can also use the
device in Spa Mode to eliminate more visible signs of aging The IRIS is a versatile tool that can
improve your overall beauty routine. To learn more, read on. Here are some of its benefits:
The IRIS eye massager is shaped like an eye needle and moves from left to right mimicking a
tapping motion. Its design is inspired by the Asian practice of lymphatic eye massage, also
known as eye-tapping therapy. The T-sonic technology used in the IRIS beauty device has been
proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also comes with 8 speeds and a
timer. Users can select the intensity of the massage to find the appropriate level of relaxation
and pampering.
Silk’n Infinity 2.0
The Silk’n Infinity 2.0 beauty device uses advanced technology to produce instant results in the
skin. Unlike other home IPL devices, this device features 5 intensity levels for customized
results. Additionally, it uses galvanic energy to improve results, a low electrical current passed
through the skin. This technology has been used in cosmetic treatments for decades, and the
device features silver-coloured electrodes around the flash window and on the base. Afterwards,
you can set a reminder for yourself to make sure you get regular sessions with the device.
The Silk’n Infinity is easy to use. It is based on the eHPL technology, which uses a galvanic
current to open skin pores and prevent new hair growth. This device also has two functions: hair
removal and facial skin rejuvenation. You can choose between these two modes according to
the size of the areas you want to treat. The user manual includes instructions and photos to help
you get the most out of your Silk’n Infinity 2.0.

The Droplette beauty device uses physics to deliver the ingredients deeply into the dermal layer
of your skin. By using exceptional velocity and miniaturization, the Droplette’s patented engine
enables the beauty device to push ingredients deep into the skin without damaging the barrier.
What’s more, it also helps prevent the wrong ingredients from penetrating deeper layers. This is
why Droplette has garnered a lot of buzz over the past few years.
The invention of Droplette was inspired by the needs of children suffering from the rare disease

epidermolysis bullosa. Because of a missing gene, people with this disease suffer from blistered,
fragile skin. While topical treatments are available to treat the condition, they are uncomfortable
and ineffective. The Droplette beauty device can help moisturizer and protect the skin without
damaging it. It’s not a replacement for a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, but the Droplette has
made the process a lot more effective.
The Mami is a Japanese beauty device designed to improve your skin’s health and appearance.
Its unique features make it a good option for people who do not have time to visit a beauty salon.
Its sleek design and patented technology can improve the health and appearance of your skin in
just a few minutes. These devices can even be used at home! But before you start using it,
make sure to read about the benefits of Mami first.
The MAMI is an innovative beauty device that combines high-speed massage, Red/Blue LED
light therapy, and heating/cooling system for a total face and body treatment. Its sleek, elegant
mermaid shape and 175R arc design contours to your body. There are two modes that can help
you achieve your desired look: Normal Mode to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and Caring Mode
to prevent false wrinkles.